Working Title GNS 430/530

First introduced in 1997, Garmin’s GNS series revolutionized the general aviation cockpit. The GNS430 combined a full-color GPS moving map and a standard navigation and communications transceiver in a compact package that could easily integrate with existing cockpits. Two years later it was joined by a big-screen sibling, the GNS530. Together these systems brought an advanced level of navigational capability and enhanced safety to pilots everywhere, and they’ve been wildly successful with over 100,000 units installed to date.

Based on the same technology as the Working Title G1000 NXi, Working Title bring to you an Early Access version of their highly accurate simulation of the WAAS-enabled GNS 430W and 530W. Installing this package will upgrade any plane using the stock GNS430 or 530 to the new code, bringing enhanced navigational accuracy and capability to your flying.

Because this is an Early Access product, you may notice functionality bugs and/or missing features. You can report these bugs on the forum or on the #gns-early-access channel in the Working Title Discord server.

Please note that aircraft developers may need to bring their aircraft in line with the latest autopilot code and CDI SimVar recommendations before the aircraft will be fully compatible with the GNS units. Aircraft that support a hot-swap between the GNS and other avionics systems (such as a third-party GTN navigator) are not currently supported, and users of those aircraft must either remove the third-party addon from the community folder or this version of the GNS from their Content Manager in MSFS. Developers should look at the GNS developer notes in the Guides section of our website.

Please visit our Discord to report issues you may find or to chat with other users of the GNS units. You can also find us on the Flight Simulator forums.


This package is exclusively offered via the ingame Marketplace – go there to download the latest version.