Known Issues

Known Issues

Hardware Compatibility

If you are using Flight Tracker StreamDeck from Github ( for your Autopilot Panel, make sure that the Display value for Selected Altitude is using ‘AUTOPILOT_ALTITUDE_LOCK_VAR__1’ instead of ‘AUTOPILOT_ALTITUDE_LOCK_VAR’.

We are researching this issue, but right now it appears that without using a third party software to configure this correctly, there is not an immediate solution to this. The core of the problem is that the sim (as did P3D and FSX) uses multiple altitude slots for different modes - alt slot 1 is typically used for the pilot Selected Altitude, while slot 2 and 3 are used usually by vnav and alt hold. In order to set and read the pilot selected altitude, hardware needs to read/write from slot 1. However, the Logitech Multipanel does not do this - instead, it reads/writes from/to the default value, or slot 0. Reading the altitude from slot 0 is incorrect for any aircraft with VNAV. If you use third party software to control your panel, you can specify to read from AUTOPILOT_ALTITUDE_LOCK_VAR_1 instead of from AUTOPILOT_ALTITUDE_LOCK_VAR; but without added software, there does not appear to be a way to fix this error. Users can, and should, ask Logitech to update their software to either provide configuration options or change their default settings to use the correct slot for selected altitude.

The good news is that we have added a feature to the sim for SU6 that will allow us to get users around this bug, so after the next sim update, this should not be an issue anymore.

Flight Planning

Yes, there’s a keyboard input option on the waypoint info page. Click on the input field, or the little keyboard image to activate keyboard entry. Remember to disable that because it captures all inputs and you won’t be able press any buttons while keyboard entry is active.

Sometimes the flight plan loading from the world map screen is loaded incompletely; this can usually be solved by restarting the flight - we are working on nailing this down.

World Map imports from Navigraph and Simbrief do not include airways, so airways will not be added to the G1000NXi flight plan when the plan was imported to the World Map from one of these sources.

COM Tuning

Outer large COM knob only reduces frequency no matter the direction the knob is turned. This is an issue with the cockpit panel behaviors in the sim and has been logged with the MSFS team, but will not be able to be addressed in the NXi package as it is an issue with the base planes.

External View HUD

The NXi uses a brand new flight plan and navigation system that are currently external to the simulator. In time, APIs will be added to the simulator that will allow us to synchronize the HSI with the new flight plan system.


If the answers on this page can not help you solve your problem, you can always pose your questions on our Discord server below.