Working Title Simulations

We provide software development services, including advanced cockpit systems and avionics, for flight simulation. Our team consists of professional developers, designers and pilots to ensure that simulated systems are accurate representations of their real-world counterparts and meet or exceed performance specifications within the simulator environment.

The Working Title story began with community-driven enhancements to default aircraft and systems in Microsoft Flight Simulator, including the acclaimed WT CJ4, G1000, G3000 and G3X projects. In 2021, Working Title joined the Microsoft Flight Simulator development team to bring our unique set of capabilities directly to the core sim. Microsoft Flight Simulator is a long-term project for Microsoft and the partner teams, and we look forward to working together to continue enhancing the platform.

Working Title was founded by partners Chris Burnett, Matt Nischan, Rob Jones, Dominik Gallus and Sean Gipe.