Photo of Matt Nischan

Matt Nischan

Matt, aka the Nishmaster and the DiploMatt, has been a flight sim nerd since the 90s and he has been a developer and sysadmin for the last 20 years. He started development in C and C++ and spent the last 7 years on a large scale distributed high-performance financial platform as the lead architect, building out much of the framework as well as the low-level critical areas (concurrency, perf, data structures, serialization, etc).

Languages: C, C++, C#, Java, Scala, JS, TS

Photo of Sean Gipe

Sean Gipe

Sean, AKA K2 AKA K20017, has been a flight sim nerd for about 20 years (deep flight sim nerdy roots, he says) and he’s our prized real-world ATP (Airline Transport Pilot). Sean is scrappy and has some impressive JS/HTML skills as well; he’s not just a pretty face. We also make him do all the SVGs.  Sean flew the CJ4 and now flies the E175.

Languages: English, SVG

Photo of Dominik Gallus

Dominik Gallus

Dominik, or just DG, or DGA or DGA711, is an fpv drone pilot, new flight sim nerd and also, he’s German.  He’s a software developer and architect with 13+ years of experience mostly in developing enterprise software frameworks for car and machine manufacturers. He’s most proficient in Microsoft environments using C# and .NET and an allrounder in different kinds of web technologies.

Languages: C#, C++, Java, JS, TS

Photo of Rob Jones

Rob Jones

Rob, or kaosfere, is another long-time flight sim nerd. Rob is a systems expert, polyglot developer, and devops dude with 20+ years of experience, the past 13 years being in fintech and big data.  His past six or so years has focused heavily on cloud architecture, serverless compute, and high-performance streaming data and ETL systems.

Languages: Python, Go, C, Java, Ruby, JS, TS, C#, Rust

Photo of Chris Burnett

Chris Burnett

Chris, aka cwburnett, or just cwb, is yet another long-term flight sim nerd, dating back to FS4. While not an ATP like Sean, Chris is a “lowly” licensed Commercial Pilot with experience in single- and multi-engine aircraft. Chris is our business guru – he’s started and sold four tech-related companies in his career. Chris started his career in IT infrastructure and then cloud ops, then shifting to technology services and management for the fintech space. He started learning Javascript last August and DG says he’s now officially an ‘okay’ developer 😉.

Languages: JS, TS, English, Business