Known Issues

Known Issues


This is a Windows issue. By default, Windows limits file paths to 260 characters. You can disable this limit by modifying the system registry (not as scary as it sounds). Tutorials for how to do so can easily be found with a Google (or Bing) search.

This problem usually occurs when a subfolder was created during extraction of the archive. You can check this by opening the mod folder in your Community directory. It should contain a layout.json and a manifest.json file. If it only contains a subfolder, copy the contents of that one level up, until the beforementioned criteria are met.


Check that you are using the latest version (v0.12.14) of the mod.
v0.8.2 or earlier are no longer compatible with the current version of Microsoft Flight Simulator.

This is a limitation of this simulator’s CJ4 model. While the necessary animations were present in some planes (e.g. TBM), allowing for doors to be modded open, the same is not possible for the CJ4 right now.

There are a lot of variables the Working Title CJ4 mod relies on that are not saved or loaded during the normal sim flight management. Because of this there is no workaround other than avoiding to load/save flights with the sim interface.

Flight Controls

This issue can be caused by two different things.
a) You are using an incompatible livery. Use the grey Microsoft Flight Simulator default livery or one of those listed here. For more details on why some liveries are incompatible, you can visit the Repainter’s Guide
b) Check the Documents folder on your PC for a file called SimConnect.cfg and delete it.

This is an issue in the sim where jet aircraft have the propeller aircraft mixture setting assigned to it. Most likely scenario is your hardware was auto-assigned mixture to an axis or button. Unbind the mixture and you should be good to go.

The likely scenario is that you were climbing at too low an airspeed. Once you reach high altitudes, the low airspeed brings you onto the backside of the power curve and the only way to gain airspeed would be to descend. To prevent this, the recommended climb profile is 240kts/Mach .64. The aircraft will currently automatically switch to Mach climb hold when 240kts = Mach .64 (This typically occurs around 29-30,000ft)*


This issue can be caused by two different things.
a) Make sure your flight model is set to Modern.
b) Check the deadzone on your controller.

These overshoots are caused by the current autopilot bank rate limitations in the simulator and occur mostly in tight turns.
If you encounter this issue, we recommend hand flying the approach with the given lateral and vertical guidance.


This is an issue introduced by one of the last Sim Updates. There is no way to fix this from our position, but luckily the issue usually resolves itself when restarting the flight. Occasionally, a sim restart is necessary.

This might come as a surprise, but you are using an incompatible livery. Use the grey Microsoft Flight Simulator default livery or one of those listed here. For more details on why some liveries are incompatible, you can visit the Repainter’s Guide

This is not an issue but intended behaviour. In real life, you would only use PLAN view for an overview of procedures and, as the name suggests, to plan your route. For keeping the map centered on your aircraft, please select PPOS mode.

If the non-US airport you are requesting weather for has a published METAR in real life, then it is very likely, that your weather source is set to FAA (Aviation administration limited to the US). 1) Go to IDX -> PAGE 2 -> MOD SET -> PAGE 2 -> METAR SOURCE and toggle the setting from FAA to VATSIM

At the moment, it is not possible to have the MFDs at different settings, because the FPS drop would be too big. We are continuously looking for ways to improve performance, though.

This is a known simulator issue. It does however only have an optical effect and the plane continues through that glitch without any negative effects.


Sometimes a heading to altitude instruction on takeoff will display further than the first RNAV fix on an RNAV departure procedure; in these cases the workaround is to cross-check the DP chart and remove the erroneous waypoint either by deleting the heading to altitude fix or dropping the first RNAV fix onto the magenta line in the LEGS page.

This is a Navdata issue of the Base Simulator and can’t be fixed by us.

RF and DME ARC legs are not yet supported in the Working Title CJ4, but we are looking to introduce them in a future update.

External Connections

When you hit CHART, which will always show NO CHART AVAILABLE, because you haven’t selected a chart yet. Once you hit LWR MENU after hitting CHART, then you’ll see the chart menu where you can select a chart.

1) When creating a Simbrief flight, you can get your PILOT ID in the Optional Entries section. Your SimBrief username is not the same as your PILOT ID.

2) Once you have your ID, you will need to enter it into the FMC. Press IDX -> Page 2 -> MOD SET -> Enter PILOT ID into scratchpad and drop on L2 Line select key (LSK).

3) Now you must recall your flightplan. Go to IDX -> Page 2 -> ROUTE MENU -> FPLN RECALL. Once the flight plan has been imported, you’ll be sent to the FPLN page to execute the changes.

Some external applications that use the GPS/Flight plan SimVars may indeed not function correctly or as expected when FP SYNC is off.
To turn FP SYNC on, Press IDX -> Page 2 -> MOD SET -> FP SYNC.

Hardware / Buttons

This behaviour is the result of a logical flaw in the way Microsoft Flight Simulator handles buttons. You can find a Workaround on the official forums.

Autopilot modes cannot be triggered via keybindings or controllers and must currently be triggered in the cockpit with the mouse. External binding applications are adding support for LVars and HEvents. Used SimVars are documented in our Guide on SimVars.


If the answers on this page can not help you solve your problem, you can always pose your questions on our Discord server below. Please do however read the Guides extensively beforehand.