Working Title GNS v1.0.1


  • Added backcourse/rev mode to autopilot.
  • Added panel.xml support to disable autopilot nav mode arming <DisableAPNavArm>.
  • Added panel.xml support to disable autopilot backcourse mode <DisableAPBackCourse>.
  • Added panel.xml support for independent flight director <SupportAPFlightDirector>.


  • Removed unused wind indicator options from map setup page.
  • Removed the traffic failed banner indicator from the GNS traffic map.
  • Autopopulate two-character prefixes for waypoint selection outside US
  • Terrain map now uses the new Garmin relative terrain colors (red at 100 feet below aircraft instead of 500 feet).
  • Fixed event handling causing some buttons to be INOP on third-party aircraft.
  • Fixed satellite initialization screen freeze when at a negative altitude.
  • Fixed issue with the incorrect approach preview being displayed on the PROC APPROACH page.
  • Fixed rounding bug with some frequencies in the com/nav frequency pane.
  • Fixed issue with World Map flight plans that include airways.
  • Fixed issues with LOAD and ACTIVATE options on the PROC APPROACH page.
  • Fixed issue where closing Aux Setup Page 2 would result in a blank screen.
  • Fixed issue where the VNAV page altitude was focused when opening the page.
  • Fixed issue with the map where indicated heading/gyro drift could impact the depiction of traffic and the own ship icon.
  • Fixed issue where VOR frequencies listed on Nearest VOR Page could not be selected or set to the standby NAV frequency.
  • Fixed issue where the wrong leg could be selected for a direct to existing if the same fix/icao existed twice in the flight plan.
  • Fixed issue where going direct to a flight plan leg that was previously active in OBS mode would cause an incorrect direct to leg to be rendered.