Working Title GNS v1.0.3


  • Setting changes made on the GNS units are now saved
  • Added map declutter when pressing CLR on the map pages
  • Added ability to completely unload and disable the GNS units with an LVAR. See our developer notes for more details.


  • Adjusted some styling issues on the VNAV page and GNS430W FPL page
  • Fixed issue where CDI would not auto-switch from GPS to VLOC on an ILS approach
  • Fixed issue where RNAV circling approaches were filtered out of the approach selection lists
  • Fixed issue where DTO would not operate from the NRST, WPT, and default pages
  • Fixed issue where white border would appear in instruments when using gamepad
  • Fixed issue where GNS430W could have cut off selection popouts on some PROC pages
  • Fixed issue where clicking on the input field or keyboard icon would not disable keyboard entry mode
  • Fixed issue where some scroll and knob behavior was incorrect on AUX pages
  • Fixed range button and nav/com knob tooltip data sources