Working Title GNS v1.0.4


  • No longer toggle CDI source when nav1/nav2 select is pressed.
  • Improved handling of CDI source select commands.
  • Added support for pitch hold key events for DC-6 compatibility.
  • Improved VNAV message inhibit logic.
  • Fixed VNAV distance calculations.
  • Fixed display of procedure turns in flight plan and arc map modes.
  • Fixed DTO cancel being inoperative on an empty flight plan.
  • Fixed broken display of long airport names in DTO dialog.
  • Fixed bugs related to disabling of keyboard mode.
  • Fixed occasional issue where COM1 frequencies would display as 0.0.

For Cockpit Developers

  • Properly unset AP avionics managed mode and various simvars when GPS is disabled.
  • Set instrument to non-interactive when GPS is disabled.