Working Title CJ4 v0.6.0

Welcome to the latest update of the Working Title CJ4 (v0.6.0). Thank you to everyone who contributed to this release.

Demo video:

Feel free to test out our new Simbrief Profile: SIMBRIEF PROFILE

Check out our interim SoP doc: Interim SoP Document


Installation is easy, simply copy the workingtitle-aircraft-cj4 folder inside the zip file to your MSFS Community folder.

Important: We recommend that you fully delete the previous workingtitle-aircraft-cj4 folder before copying this release.

Key Features

  • Overhauled PFD/MFD for better readability
  • Added bearing pointers to PFD
  • Mach number climbs work
  • Transponder works
  • Simbrief import fixes and error messages with database issues
  • Proper altitude constraints (No VNAV yet) and arrival/approach sequencing.
  • Added approach transitions for arrivals


  • Added proper input detection for Takeoff Ref Page
  • QNH now automatically pulls from the PFD so there’s no need to type it in
  • Takeoff v-speeds and field length won’t show if temperature or runway is not inputted
  • Error messages for when the simbrief flight plan waypoint can’t be found in sim database
  • Added approach transitions for arrivals


  • Proper altitude constraints for arrivals and approaches will be shown
  • Adding an approach to an arrival should not put in 2 of the same fixes.


  • Fixed a bug where swapping COM2 would swap COM1 instead
  • Transponder now works (You must select it from the TCAS mode from STBY to TA/RA)


  • Better readability of target altitude
  • Changed the target altitude bug to look like in the real plane
  • The altitude select bug won’t disappear when within 300ft of current altitude
  • Baro setting is now easier to read
  • Mach number will show correct value and 2 decimal places. (M0.71 vs M0.714)
  • Mach number readout below airspeed tape is now easier to read.
  • Added bearing pointers for FMS/VOR/ADF and accompanying data block
  • Tuning radio from PFD was removed


  • Overhauled font, sizing, and positioning of upper engine readout displays for better readability and accuracy
  • Fixed pitch trim indicator (was backward) and adjusted default trim position for better takeoff attitudes (Danice737)
  • Fixed ISA temp deviation calculations (Temps should level off at 36,000 at the tropopause)
  • FIxed battery amps displays so it’s not -500 anymore (Electrical system still WIP) (Danice737)
  • Added hydraulic pumps tied to N2 so they reach full normal pressure by 20% N2.

Known Issues

  • The speed constraints on arrivals may not show correctly because of database issues.
  • After using Direct-To, the navigation will not always automatically sequence to the next fix and may enter ROL mode. You can re-activate NAV to navigate to the next fix if you encounter this issue.
  • The aircraft is still using the built-in MSFS autopilot (for now). All the existing limitations of that still apply. It does behave a bit better with the various enhancements applied.
  • Some flight plan distances may still be misreported when the approach is activated. Please log an issue if you encounter this with details.
  • Some instances of the autopilot skipping approach waypoints still occur - this is deep in the sim handling of waypoints and is, for now, out of our hands. We will continue to research this.