Working Title G3000 v0.2.0

Changes in this version

  • The G3000 mod is now integrated with the WorkingTitle ecosystem! This has allowed the addition of the following features:
    • Certain G3000 settings (including all newly added ones) are now saved across flights.
    • SVT toggle for the PFD.
    • Altimeter baro units toggle between IN HG and HPA.
  • More new navigational map features:
    • Added range ring/range compass overlay.
    • Map zoom behavior now more closely matches the real G3000.
    • Added ability to show track vector, altitude intercept arc, and fuel range ring.
    • Added city display backed by a worldwide 26,000-city database from simplemaps.
    • Toggle between none/absolute/relative terrain modes.
    • Auto-North Up.
  • Terrain colors on the navigational map have been changed to better match the real G3000.
  • Bug Fixes:
    • Map scroll is no longer broken in HDG/TRK UP modes.

Known Issues

  • [PFD] (Vanilla issue) Co-pilot PFD softkeys are nonfunctional.
  • [NavMap] (Vanilla issue) The road overlay for the navigational map will sometimes fail to draw roads close to the aircraft, instead prioritizing roads farther away. This usually only happens when the map range is set to large values (>100 NM).
  • [NavMap] (Vanilla issue) Sometimes airport symbols will not update on the navmap. Zooming in then back out will usually fix it.
  • [NavMap] At large map ranges (>250 NM), map symbols may not line up correctly with the underlying terrain. This is because the terrain map is projected differently from the symbols. The effect is worse at the edges of the map and also worse at high latitudes.