Working Title G3000 v0.7.3

Release Highlights for v0.7.3

Please refer to the changelog for a more detailed description of changes in this release.

  • Added the Enroute Options menu to the GTC Flight Plan page, which allows you to add waypoints and airways directly to the beginning of the Enroute segment.
  • Enabled the ability to zoom and scroll the Flight Plan and Procedure Preview panes.


  • [FPLN] VNAV indications will no longer display “NaN” for vertical deviation when the current VNAV leg is flat.
  • [MFD] The Navigation Data Bar BRG field now correctly displays the bearing to the active waypoint instead of the airplane’s heading.
  • [GTC] Fixed behavior of Back button in the G3000 Transponder page.
  • [NavMap] The range compass now displays “360” instead of “000” for north heading.
  • [Charts] Fixed a freeze that could occur when attempting to display certain Navigraph charts with malformed georeferencing data.