Working Title G3000 v0.6.2

Release Highlights for v0.6.2

Please refer to the changelog for a more detailed description of changes in this release.

  • Enabled support for laurinius’s MSFS Traffic Service app (available on Github), which adds Offline AI traffic and SimConnect-injected traffic to the mod’s traffic systems. This feature requires that you download and install laurinius’s app separately and must be manually enabled via the mod config file.

Enabling Offline AI and SimConnect (e.g. VATSIM) Traffic

The base sim only provides information on Live AI Traffic to JS/HTML instruments. As a result, by default the mod’s traffic systems only support Live AI traffic. However, the mod provides the option to enable support for Offline AI and SimConnect-injected traffic using a third-party app. To do so, please complete the following steps:

  1. Download and install laurinius’s MSFS Traffic Service app ( The app requires .NET Core 3.1 to run (
  2. Change the useTrafficService setting in the mod configuration file to true.
  3. Start the MSFS Traffic Service app and ensure that the service is running (this can be done before or after starting the sim).
  4. (Optional) Configure the port used by MSFS Traffic Service app by changing the port number within the app itself and changing the trafficServicePort setting in the mod configuration file to match. Not recommended unless the default port (8383) is not working and you know what you are doing.

Once you have completed these steps, the mod will display and issue traffic alerts for the additional types of traffic supported by the MSFS Traffic Service app. If the mod encounters any errors retrieving traffic data from the traffic service app during a flight, it will fall back to using the default sim’s traffic data until it detects that the traffic service app is sending good data again. Lastly, it is recommended to set the useTrafficService mod configuration setting to false when you are not planning to use the traffic service app; while leaving the setting at true will not result in any errors, it does incur a small and otherwise unnecessary performance cost.


  • [General] Fixed a bug with initializing airport data with no listed runways.
  • [NavMap] While in TRACK UP mode on the ground, the compass arc’s reference tick mark now correctly indicates the aircraft’s current heading instead of ground track (which cannot always be reliably calculated on the ground).
  • [Traffic] Fixed an error with ground track computation for traffic contacts.
  • [PFD] Airspeed altimeter speed bugs are no longer mispositioned when airspeed is below the minimum indicated airspeed.
  • [GTC] Fixed a bug where the Charts page would sometimes automatically change the selected airport after closing a popup or navigating back to it from the pan/zoom control page.