Working Title G3000 v0.5.1

Changes in this version


  • [Compatibility] Fixed compatibility issue with darkfly’s Longitude performance mod.
  • [PFD] The autopilot display will now correctly flash an autopilot disconnect warning when the autopilot is disconnected through means other than pressing the AP key.
    • For the TBM 930: the warning will flash indefinitely until it is acknowledged by pressing the AP/Trim disconnect switch on the control wheel.
    • For the Longitude: the warning will flash for 5 seconds, then stop.
  • [PFD] Fixed airspeed indicator behavior when IAS is below the minimum reportable speed (20 KIAS for the TBM930, 40 KIAS for the Longitude):
    • The IAS display shows “—” instead of the minimum speed.
    • The trend vector is hidden.
  • [PFD] For the Longitude: the autopilot display will now flash an autothrottle disconnect caution alert when the autothrottle is turned off.
  • [PFD] For the Longitude: fixed erroneous display in the navigation status display ETE field when ground speed is 0.
  • [PFD] For the Longitude: the airspeed indicator now always shows the reference speed (and bug).
  • [PFD] For the Longitude: ‘NO WIND DATA’ annunciation no longer overflows its container.
  • [GTC] The “Home” button in the Timers page now works properly.
  • [GTC] When in the Map Pointer Control page, pressing the bottom knob will now exit the page as intended.