Working Title G3000 v0.7.1

Release Highlights

  • Updated the GTC Direct To page.
  • Added the ability to insert airways into flight plans.
  • Added support for standby flight plans.
  • Added the Flight Plan and Procedure Preview panes.
  • Added the Flight Plan Text Inset window for the Navigation Map.
  • For the Longitude: the GTC Flight Plan Keypad now supports direct entry of routes into flight plans (please refer to the changelog for the syntax).


  • [Compatibility] Fixed a compatibility issue with Sim Update 4 where the FMS would not automatically activate approaches.
  • [FPLN] Reduced the chance of failing to import enroute waypoints into the FMS when loading a flight plan from the world map.
  • [FPLN] Fixed a bug where for certain ILS/LOC approaches, the FMS would automatically switch autopilot navigation source to NAV1/NAV2 before the plane was inbound on the final approach course.
  • [FPLN] Fixed a bug where the GTC Flight Plan page would display a different active leg from the navigation map and PFD navigation status bar.
  • [GTC] The Flight Plan page should now report accurate leg-leg distances for all flight plan legs.
  • [GTC] The Back button now works properly in the Procedure Selection pages.
  • [GTC] The Waypoint Keyboard now provides accurate indications of when a match for the entered waypoint ident has been found.
  • [GTC] Fixed a graphical glitch affecting certain touchscreen buttons.
  • [Charts] The mod should now be better at “remembering” Navigraph account access and should not require account re-linking as frequently.
  • [VFR Map] Fixed a bug preventing the VFR Map from being moved when it was not detached to a separate window.